Friday 2 August 2019

An Apology and Explanation

After looking at everyone's challenge piece I went back to look again and found that not one of my comments appeared on the blog.  This really upset me because I value and support being a member of this group.  I follow most of your blogs and am pretty sure that I commented on them too if you posted your challenge piece on them.  That's the apology.

This is the explanation.  I use Chrome and have an extension added called Privacy Badger.  It is an extension that prevents advertisements from appearing on my side bar when I am browsing.  Periodically I come across I site that I can't navigate then remember about the extension which allows me to click a setting to deny it to the site and all is well.  Recently I found that there are certain blogs that I cannot publish a comment, but there is no warning that I was denied.  I just comment my little heart out, publish the comment then go on to the next blog to read on my list.  That is what occurred today when I read all of the posts for the current challenge.  When I came back to review your posts I noticed that none of my comments appeared.

Privacy Badger is really a great service that I highly recommend.  You just have to remember that you have it.

I sincerely loved each and every project posted.  Some inspired me.  Some made my thoughts spin in wonder. All were creative and gave great and diverse interpretations of the theme.



  1. I have had great and thoughtful comments vanish a few times myself, that is so frustrating! (I think mine were caused by power blips in the neighborhood.) So thank you for explaining the technical issue, and I'm glad you enjoyed all the entries. It is such a fun day to see how everyone interpreted the theme.

  2. That is upsetting to find so many comments haven't worked. Before our recent improved internet connection that used to happen to me by 'timing out' and losing the odd comment now and again was annoying enough. I use chrome too without Privacy Badger and I see this blog saying 'Not Secure'. I wonder if that is what your badger doesn't like. We should see if we can turn on HTTPS and, hopefully, that might solve the problem (though I will defer to Catherine as the blogger user and technical help). I'm glad you enjoyed all the posts. Again, we had a wonderful and diverse collection of quilts and a really inspiring reveal day.

  3. I thought about going back and commenting again. It was not a time issue. But when I started to do that, I tried to remember what I said then realized that the original comments where my first reaction to seeing the pieces for the first time. A second comment would just not compare to my first reaction.

  4. Aargh! Poor you! I’ve had that happen to me too, but it was mainly when I was using Safari. Since changing to Chrome I don’t usually have any problems, although our server has been dropping out a lot lately ..... the internet provider tells us it’s a problem in our area and they are investigating ..... but it is annoying, and as you said it’s impossible to remember hat ones first comment was! Oh, I hadn’t heard of the Privacy Badger!
    Barbara xx

  5. Oh no. I understand how frustrating technical difficulties can be.

  6. I've had it happen to me on wordpress if I have a page open to come back to and I think I'm logged in and wordpress has me logged out. All that careful thought and effort wasted in lost ocmments. Thanks so much for making the effort to find a way to reach out. I hadn't heard of privacy badger. I tend to use firefox and love enabling the gadgets. It does prevent me from shopping too as the ad links are also prevented from working!