Sunday 31 January 2021

Memories: Stitches in Time

Any needlework activity is a source of sweet memories for me.  My sewing room is a time capsule of the last century, stuffed full of things from family and friends -- pin-tucked petticoats from the early 1900s, fashion photographs from the 1920s, tatted trims and flour sacks from the 1930s, embroidered pillow cases from the 1960s -- probably a very common situation among needleworkers, but one that makes me so happy!

Inspired by the book Crazy Patchwork by Janet Haigh, (1998), I decided to combine decades' worth of textile treasures into a soft memory album.


"Stitches in Time" includes applique, yo-yos, crocheted trim, embroidery, buttons, and more.  I included the initials of my grandmother, mother, myself, and my sister.


The little piece of vintage fabric in the bottom right, was part of a whole swatch collection sent to me by Paula B., who was one of our members for a short time.

You can read more about how I made this piece here at my personal blog, Deep in the Heart of Textiles. If you click on the image there, you will also be able to see a larger version so you can see the details -- I don't know how to arrange that in Blogger!

I think I end all of my posts the same way -- "I didn't make a dent in my supplies; I loved making this piece, and I would like to do a series!" And that is true this time as well.  :)