Saturday, 8 December 2018

Gathering Materials

I have collected what I think will be enough supplies and materials for my texture quilt project. I've looked on Pinterest (never found the bottom of that rabbit hole, thank goodness). I watched a few preview videos about classes that would teach me how to add texture to quilts (I got the jest of it in the previews). Now, what's the plan? Hmmmm, only time will tell. On my carpet, sets my harvest!

How goes it with the other members? Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

Friday, 9 November 2018

New Member

A new member joins The Endeavourers.

You can find out more about Wendy on her blog here and on Instagram.

Welcome, Wendy!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


PINTERST is a wonderful source.  I can’t get out much to take photos, so I just went to Pinterest and typed in Texures. It’s unbelievable, an endless source of them!  I’m really going to explore new techniques. Take a look for yourselves.

New Theme Announcement

That was a splendid reveal - congratulations everyone!

And now for the new theme.  We still have the following in the hat:
  1. the sea
  2. a walk in the park
  3. texture
  4. memories
  5. a quilt inspired by a newspaper headline
  6. emotions feelings
  7. opposites attract
  8. colour theory
  9. dreams
  10. wishes
  11. a scene from a book
  12. raindrops keep falling on my head
and Mr Random Number Generator has chosen:

which is 'texture'.  That certainly suggests any number of possibilities so it will be exciting to see the results at the next reveal on 1 February!

A little late - apologies!


I’m afraid I struggled this time! I decided to try improv circles and found it a bit too tricky!

The Flashing

You can read more about my Portrait of a Polka Dot Lady on my blog HERE.

I am taking this opportunity to let you know I am stepping out of the group. I have enjoyed participating, but have found it hard to make the deadlines. For the last few months I have had problems commenting on Blogger blogs, and investigating why this happened has eaten into valuable stitching time!

I will be popping over to visit of course! This is such an inspirational blog, and I would never have tried so many techniques if I hadn’t been a member here.

Thank you Janine and Catherine for allowing me to take part, it was a great experience!

I wish you all well and look forward to catching up on visiting everyone.

Barbara xx

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Gonna Be a Little Late

Hello everyone! Maureen from here. Although I have been a member of The Endeavourers since its inception, due to a series of strange circumstances I have yet to actually make a quilt. I was bound and determined to join you with a quilt this quarter. I am in the process of making one, but progress is in fits and starts due to the fact I had shoulder surgery four weeks ago and I can't really move my right arm. And I am right handed. However! Here is a sneak peak of the Improv Quilt I hope to have finished within a week.

I am so inspired by the fantastic quilts you all produce each quarter. Wow.

Smiles from New Jersey, USA,
Maureen (and JB the cat aka Josephina Ballerina)


This challenge has really been exciting for me, giving me a chance to be creative with what I have on hand. I’ve used fusing for the first time rather than appliqué. All the components are from former projects. The result is Shining Vista.
The first part was an 8-inch block I made for a monthly color series done in 2016.
I never did use these blocks for a quilt, one of many UFOs. The second piece was from a set of practice blocks for fusing.
These were just bits of batik strips fused to these crazy blocks with pinked edges. The one with the yellow and purple reminded me of a sunset, but I had no plans for it. I happened to set it down on top of the purple block and…that was exciting!
So when I was looking through my UFOs I knew this was the focal point I needed. The cream fabric was handy and I had enough to use for the top and backing. By the way, I’m on a year of no fabric buying and sticking to it.
For the side strips I used a reject from a project that I abandoned. It had the gradation from dark to light, but was much wider. So I cut two strips from that and used 2-1/2 inch strips for the top and bottom borders.
I fused the top and batting, which made it nice and firm. I used HeatnBond Light fusible.
I began by quilting the purple areas and added the directional lines, then used a tight zigzag to emphasize them. Today I finished the quilting. Deadlines really help.

Improv Reveal

Improve - Fractured Minerals
I got a lot of ideas from Youtube and used some of the ideas from the Mr Domestic to start me off. The fans reminded me of agate and other minerals so I alternated some of the fans to make strips. I did cross-cut a few to make small blocks and to make the piecing simpler I kept to 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 strips and blocks

I finally ended up with this
The big reveal in my case is I got stuck. Should I trim and bind? Seems too traditional for it. Maybe bag it out so there is no binding instead?  I do like the uneven edge. Or bind, keeping the wobbly edge Has anyone got the answer!!!
I was so inspired by some of the clips I saw that I have ordered Improv Patchwork: Dynamic Quilts Made with Line & Shape by Maria Shell! This theme has started me off in a new direction, although thinking about it, crazy patchwork is really improv patchwork too, so not so new afterall


'Improv' means, roughly making something using the material to hand (literally when it comes to patchwork.) But the thing about improv is that it's not really random - there's always some kind of structure.  For example in improv jazz there's an underlying chord sequence, and in improv comedy, or poetry, it makes sense (usually).

So there are generally some kind of constraints.  In quilt-making you can choose to put your own constraints on the process by choosing a limited pallet of colours for example but there other practical constraints too - like where to put seams!

I found this a fun challenge - I thought that it would be a good excuse not to overthink things, but I was wrong!

Here is my quilt, inspired by the jumble of textures in the garden where I work.  You can read more about it on my blog