Saturday 21 April 2018

Change/Transformation: a work in progress

A few weeks ago I sketched out the layout of my quilt for this quarter and picked out all the fabric so that I was all ready to work on it when we came back from our Easter holidays.  I'd planned to document progress on this quilt from the beginning, but when I got everything out to start working on it I realised that the sketch had disappeared.  I suspect that it ended up in the recycling bin during the big pre-holiday tidy up, but there's always that lingering doubt that it may be hiding in the house somewhere!  Meanwhile I've given up trying to reconstitute all the details from memory because it seems to be so difficult to get things quite right second time round and have decided to go with the flow and improvise. quilt is based on the idea of change as a cyclical thing, rather than as an irreversible transformation, and I'll leave you with a small and not very illuminating peek.

Saturday 14 April 2018

"Transformation" Sneak Peek

Our theme is Transformation/Change, and our publishing date is coming up fast!  I have an idea I am happy with; now to get it to conform to my vision by May 1st!

Here is the picture I am starting from, a spider's web strung with dew on a misty morning, with a close-up to show the detail.

And here are some of my supplies:
My "new to me" technique in this piece is couching, and I love it!
I used painted vintage linen in my piece for our "Nature" challenge too.

The comments you all made the last time, really helped me see the way I want to interpret this theme.  I am looking forward to seeing all the pieces on May 1st!

Textile Ranger