Who are we?

Our current members are:

Barbara:  I'm a retired social worker and I've lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1978.  My mother taught me to sew when I was a little girl but I didn't learn to quilt until after I retired in 2008.  In addition to being a born cat lover, I love cooking, gardening, photography and RV travel with my husband of 45 years.  I have two adult sons and a lovely daughter-in-law.  I blog at Cat Patches (https://catpatches.blogspot.com).  My blog was started in order to link-up to online quilting challenges and links parties, but it has morphed into a near-daily online 'letter to friends'.

Catherine: I live in Scotland, near the sea.  My grandma taught me English paper-piecing patchwork when I was a child but I only turned to quiltmaking when my own children were small.  I am fascinated by abstract shapes and textures and this is often reflected in my quilts though I also like making pictures.  I love all things arty and as well as sewing, I'm also an occasional printmaker.  In all things I'm still finding my way. I am a terrible procrastinator, and work very slowly, partly because I find it hard to commit to a plan until the very last moment!  I blog at www.knottedcotton.com and can be found on instagram as @knottedcotton.

Debbi: My name is Debbi and I am now living with my spouse of 43 years and 3 cats in Oregon, USA.  I say now because my husband was in the Navy and we moved all over the states and also spent a year in Italy.  I began quilting about 20 years ago (with Maureen as my teacher) although I made my first quilt 10 years before that - an appliqued top with down (feathers everywhere).  I also have done spinning, weaving, dyeing, crochet and kumihumo (Japanese braiding).  I belong to a local quilt guild, a textile guild and teach yoga at a women's gym.  I am a retired massage therapist and acupuncturist and am learning aromatherapy.    Blog at  http://www.yogaromaquilter.blogspot.com/
Ring of Time ebook 

Fiona: I started cross-stitching many moons ago and expanded into quilting when I joined an evening class ten years ago.  My horizons expanded when I discovered the world of online Bees and challenges and I haven't looked back since.  I love to try new things and even if I am not always successful I enjoy the challenge of moving out of my comfort zone.  Away from sewing I love to travel and my destinations and discoveries often inform my stitching.  Since our move back to the West Coast of Scotland in 2016 inspiration is now right on my doorstep too.  I blog about my travels and stitching at celticthistlestitches.blogspot.co.uk

Gwen: I chose the name Textile Ranger, to reflect on how I wander through many facets of the world of textiles, including natural dyeing, weaving, and quilting.  I live on a tree farm in a small community outside of Houston, Texas.  My local quilt group is warm and supportive, but focused on traditional quilts.  I hope that the Endeavourers, being a more wide-ranging group, will be a source for new insights and ideas.  www.textileranger.com

Janine: I blog at https://rainbowhare.com  I love story and illustration and I began my blog because I wanted to make pictures and fabric is my go to medium.  I have, however, never really pursued that as much as I hoped.  My making for the first few years revolved mostly around quilting, then I started to focus more on knitting and crochet...sometimes a cloth doll or felt hare...Then, during the past two years I was part of an art quilt group and I really enjoyed the challenge of experimenting with different fabrics and learning about new techniques.  I'm very much looking forward to working alongside my fellow Endeavourers and seeing how we all respond to the quarterly challenges ahead.

Martha: I live in California with my husband and our three pugs. I guess without knowing it I inherited my love for sewing and hand stitching from my mom. I loved sitting next to her sewing machine while she was sewing and talk to her. I would ask her questions about the process, but never really tried to learn. My mom always did all the sewing for me. However, when I lost my mom to breast cancer I was completely lost. I told my husband that maybe picking up a hobby would be a good thing. So he got me a sewing machine for Christmas. I began reading blogs and books about sewing and that’s when I discovered quilting. Now every time I sit by my sewing machine I remember all those little moments with my mom. Blog www.weekenddoings.com

Maureen: Wife, step-mom, mother-in-law, grandmom, sister, cat-mom, friend, neighbor, east-coast American, retired nurse, acupuncturist, crocheter, and quilter.  My favorite way to make a quilt is to use only what I have on hand and design using only squares.  I like to see what I can do when limits are imposed.  (That's the way I cook too!  Hummm...leftover pancakes and a sweet potato...now, let's see...)  By the end of making any quilt I am pretty sure it's a disaster, but after a night's sleep for me and a good wash and dry for the quilt, it comes out looking pretty ok.

Paula: I'm Paula, blogging at  Paula B Quilts. I've been Quilting since the 1980's and my main focus has always been about color, ever since I studied art for interior design. I'm retired and live in Wisconsin near my daughter's family. I grew up near the Atlantic Ocean and then lived by the Pacific, and I miss the salt water so much. I don't get out much, so blogging is my connection to all my quilter friends. I did art Quilting years ago, designing my own wallhangings and it's my creative outlet. Finding modern and improv Quilts on Pinterest has fired up my need to do my own work again rather than following patterns. Endeavorers is an exciting group and I'm happy to be doing the challenges.

 Ruth:  Hi, my name is Ruth and I can be found at www.craftycornerdesigns.com and blog at Charly and Ben's Crafty Corner.  I enjoy documenting my patchwork and quilting efforts with the odd post about our dogs!  Gordon and I live in Limerick, Ireland with our now, two dogs, Maggie and Charly (a Bassett and a Jack Russell).  Maggie is about 5 times he size of Charly but that doesn't mean anything, Charly is the boss of the house despite being petite like myself!  I enjoy quilt design and am trying to embrace improv.  I love the end results but find it hard not to plan everything up front.  Pattern writing and workshops lately have been my focus so I am looking forward to these creative challenges throughout 2018 and stretching myself and mostly to have lots of fun.  Looking forward to sharing with you over the coming months!

Wendy: I live in a little home in Minnesota with my husband.  We have two adult kids.  I spend much of my time quilting.  My favorite work lately is improv, which I've just begun to "learn".  I enjoy the challenge of trying something new with fabric, needle and thread. Instagram @piecefulwendy Blog at at  http://www.piecefulthoughts.com/

Carol (currently on an extended break): I live in Northern Indiana, USA.  I love a variety of needlework and all things shiny  I have been sewing for 50 years but never made a quilt until his year.  After taking an online piecing class, I know I will never embrace piecing traditional quilts with lots of little pieces.  Deadlines are a challenge for me.  Sometimes creative thinking is too, as I am definitely a left brain thinker.  I have been blogging for about 10 years at https://beadsandbirds.blogspot.com


  1. Its nice to meet you ladies, I wish more had given their bio's. I would but see no way to do it.

  2. Glad to have you as part of the group, Barbara :-)

  3. I just wanted to let you all know that my book is finally published. It is on Amazon kindle under the title Ring of Time.