About The Endeavourers

We are a group of quilt-makers who have joined together to take part in a fun quarterly challenge to make a smallish art quilt according to a theme we draw from the hat at the beginning of each quarter.

We work in any style suggested by the theme, but once in a while, we will also throw a particular technique into the mix as an incentive to be adventurous!

We post about our progress and ideas here and on our blogs and other social media and reveal our finished quilts here on 1 February, 1 May, 1 August, and 1 November.

Our mission statement is:
  • to share enthusiasm 
  • to share inspiration and ideas, and document our progress and process 
  • to challenge ourselves to move outside our comfort zones (for example by working with new colours, fabrics, materials or techniques) 
  • to develop our own styles and practices 
  • to encourage each other in all of the above 
  • to boldly go where no quilter has gone before (not really) 

  • The theme for our first ever reveal on 1st February 2018 was 'Nature'.
  • The theme for our second reveal on 1st May 2018 will be 'Change/Transformation' 
  • The theme for our third reveal on 1 August 2018 is 'Spiral'
  • The theme for our fourth reveal on 1 November 2018 is 'Improv".
  • The theme for our first reveal of 2019, due 1st February, is 'Texture".
  • The theme for our second reveal of 2019, due 1 May, is 'Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head'
  • The theme for our third reveal of 2019, due 1 August is 'A Walk in the Park'
  • The theme for our fourth reveal of 2019, due 1 November is 'Dreams'
  • The theme for our first reveal of 2020, due 1 February is 'Wishes'

Our Guidelines:

This is a friendly and supportive group and we want it to be relaxed and fun, so we keep 'rules' to a minimum! The essentials are:
  • All members take part in each challenge and post in time for the deadline unless there is a crisis.
  • The deadline for posting on the day of the reveal is 10.00am GMT
  • Quilts can be any size up to 36" square (or rough equivalent for non-square quilts)
  • Quilts should be bound, or otherwise properly finished and ready to hang in an exhibition or on your living room wall
  • We are an art quilt group, so home dec items or bed quilts are not suitable, but textile creations that are works of art are welcome.

Our members are:

Catherine - http://www.knottedcotton.com 
Janine – https://rainbowhare.com/
Carol – http://beadsandbirds.blogspot.com/
Ruth – http://benandcharlyscorner.blogspot.co.uk/
Gwen – https://textileranger.com/
Martha – www.weekenddoings.com
Maureen – https://josephinaballerina.com/
Fiona - http://celticthistlestitches.blogspot.co.uk/
Paula - https://paulabquilts.com/
Wendy - http://www.piecefulthoughts.com/
Debbi  - http://www.yogaromaquilter.blogspot.com/

For more information about us see our Who are we? page.

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