Saturday, 1 February 2020

Wishes: Magic in the Moonlight

Wishes.  I thought about many things I would like to see come true: world peace, the end of hunger, poverty, hate, and crime in the world. Acceptance of all cultures, races and beliefs. But none of those things will probably happen in my lifetime and the images I thought about to depict any of them seemed clich√©.

I began a small quilt with the intention of illustrating different ways to make a wish: wishing well, wish bone, genie lamp, birthday cake, etc. and I did not like the result. It did not work in several places so I put it aside.

So, I decided to do something fun and uplifting. My wish is that all people have many beautiful and magical moments in their lives. The result is this quilt: Magic in the Moonlight.

This is the first time I put silk flowers and leaves in a quilt. The flowers are attached with beads. There are also beads scattered in the water. The fairies were cut out and fused using fusible web and the fairy dust is glitter.


  1. Your fairies are enchanting and so precise!

    1. I found the picture of fairies on the internet and just traced the figures onto fusible web, fused them and cut them out. Yeah, very precise;) took a while to so it.

  2. This is a beautiful quilt illustrating a beautiful wish. I love the way all the different materials and techniques you have used work together to create such a magical picture :)

  3. Sometimes what you start with just doesn't work - you were so right to make a new start! This is beautiful work and illustrates the theme in a way that really captures the magic!

  4. Debbi, this IS a magical little quilt the way it draws you in. Is the background fabric painted? It took me a second to realize the broken up image is the reflection of the moon on water. The garland gives nice depth. And when I enlarged the image for a closer look, it became apparent how the quilting ties the whole thing together. Thanks for the magical wishes -and the Reiki! LOL!

  5. What a pretty quilt; it reminds me of moonlight walks. Really nice interpretation of the theme.

  6. Oh yes, this quilt IS magical. The silks add a little 3D effect. Great interpretation and a very lovely piece.
    xx, Carol

  7. I love how this evokes a very peaceful night, so quiet that the fairies feel like they can venture out and spread their magic. I really love the subtle shading in the sky and water, it is very calming. :)

  8. oh this is so lovely and what a lovely wish to everyone. It reminds me of a poem or something poetical at least. Love all the shades of blue and the reflection is brilliant.

  9. Beautiful quilt Debbi and a lovely wish.
    The sky really draws you eye. It looks like a watercolor painting framed by those beautiful flowers