Saturday, 1 February 2020

If Wishes Were Horses...

'If wishes were horses, beggars would ride'. When this theme was chosen that was the only thought that came into my head and I rejected it as being a bit negative! But I never could get it out so here it is. I will post more about this quilt on my blog later. You can read more about this quilt on my blog, Rainbow Hare. In the meantime I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has made :)


  1. As Ruth's mum says "great minds think alike" Janine! No negativity in your quilt it is an uplifting riot of colour :)

  2. Glorious! Your quilts always make me happy. I love the details of genie, wishing well, birthday candles and star - You're so inventive!

  3. Nice horses. Love the cake, star and wishing well. I tried one with those things but it didn't work. Yours turned out really good.

  4. Funny, that same phrase kept coming to me too, but I laid it aside and went a different direction. I like how you interpreted it for this challenge!

  5. Janine, that was my first thought, too but I wasn't up to interpreting it in all squares! LOL! I like how the symbols drew my eye around the entire piece, starting with the wishing well on the hill and ending with the genie (which took me a few seconds to get). I admire your ability to depict realistic figures and things in fabric and tell a story with them. And your style of doing them is truly your own. When I first saw the figures with the star, I thought, "Oh, these beggars are really the Three Wise Men of the Christmas story." I guess the realization of wishes can be a two edged sword -some making us wiser, and others, not so much. See? All these thoughts inspired by your little quilt!

  6. OKAY!! you have certainly stitched a bit of whimsy that really makes me smile. I just love your know I do. I'm coming over to your blog for more happy.
    xx, Carol

  7. I love it! I have never liked that phrase -- to me it had the connotation of "let them eat cake," as in, "we all know beggars can't ride and that's just as well." But in your piece I feel that everyone is mounted beautifully, and they have so many things to wish on, that more wishes will undoubtedly come true. And I love the benevolent genie.

  8. I love all the elements that flitted through our thoughts all come together here. Really shows what a wide reaching theme that one word conjures up.

  9. I absolutely love your quilt Janine. Every detail is perfect. It actually looks like a page form a story book. Stunning!

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