Saturday, 15 February 2020

A Bit of Admin :-)

While we're all beginning to mull (possibly) over our 1 May quilt, "A Scene from a Book", it's time also to think what you might want to send your partner as inspiration for our August "Round Robin" quilt!

Everyone was happy to send internationally so I've drawn partners at random out of the proverbial hat - you will be sending to the person who follows you clockwise, ie: Martha to Wendy.
 (I'm sending lots of good thoughts and wishes to Paula who has been unwell and hope that she will be able to rejoin us.)

[Quick update, just for the avoidance of confusion and ease of reference:-)  Posting is as follows:
Martha to Wendy
Wendy to Gwen
Gwen to Fiona
Fiona to Maureen
Maureen to Debbi
Debbi to Carol
Carol to Ruth
Ruth to Janine
Janine to Catherine
Catherine to Martha ]

If you could get in touch with the person who'll be sending you your inspiration piece and let them know your postal address that will kick us off!  There's plenty of time to decide what to send but please remember to post it off in time for it to be received by 1 May.

This should be fun!
Catherine :-)


  1. Are we linked with the person across on the wheel?

    1. No, the next person clockwise to you. I send to you, you send to Carol.

  2. Quick question just so I get it right in my mind...
    We will have a theme as usual for August it's just that we must use whatever it is we received in May from our Wheel Buddy in the quilt?

    1. No theme - how you use the piece and how it inspires you are up to you!

    2. (What you send is also totally up to you - there are a few examples in previous post.)

    3. Ah-ha! I get it now. Theme-free August! Thanks, Catherine.

  3. This is going to be an interesting challenge. It will be fun to do something a bit different :)

  4. I see that you posted well wishes for Paula. Sadly, she passed away on February 8, 2020.