Sunday, 18 February 2018

A Fragile Nature

Hi Everyone,

I really apologise for being so late posting, and, even now, I can only show you a flimsy!

When I saw our subject was “Nature” I knew I had this photo I’d taken in our garden .....

The Flashing Scissors

which I wanted to interpret into a quilt. I wasn't sure how, until I happened to see a photograph of a hibernating dormouse on the WWF website! I had visions of said dormouse dreaming of its food ..... and I checked they do eat berries and flowers, although whether my plant is the right type I don’t know.

I tentatively drew pictures from both photographs onto tracing paper, outlined them with a black pen, and then, with the help of a light box (a rather Heath Robinson affair of a tupperware box and small torch, torch held in place in the box with some drafting tape, and box held together with an elastic band!) pencilled the pictures onto calico (oops I said muslin in my original description .... I mis-spoke!).

Previously I had only painted fabric with Acrylic paints, and then it was only because I needed fabric of a specific tone to go with whatever project I was working on.

For this project I started with a “new to me” idea ..... fabric paints, and then decided to paint in the style of watercolours. Not such a clever idea in so many ways! I haven’t even painted watercolours on paper before, but I certainly have more idea “how to” now. I guess it did me a favour, as, if I hadn’t started this project, I think I might never have used the fabric paints and they would probably have eventually just dried up in the cupboard!

I’ve also painted binding for this project as the original fabric I was going to use was much too dark ..... I just hope it looks the way I think it will when it's finished.

I ironed all the fabric after painting so hopefully all the paint should last, only time will tell.

The Flashing Scissors

I still need to persuade my sewing machine to let me stitch free motion to embroider my quiltlet, but for now I will put this on hold to consider our next project.

Do visit me, FlashinScissors, to see a few pictures of my process. See you later!!

Happy designing everybody!

Barbara xxx
of The Flashing Scissors 


  1. This is looking great, Barbara. I think the door mouse dreaming of food is lovely idea and all that detailed painting was very ambitious and has turned out beautifully. Congrats for for trying something new and persevering with it through all the test stages. All your work has certainly paid off :)

  2. Thank you, Janine. I will definitely be painting more fabric in the future. This was such a fun experiment, and one I would never have attempted if I hadn’t been part of The Endeavourers! I look forward to completing it.
    On to the next challenge!
    Barbara xx

  3. What a great, and challenging (!)idea you have gone with Barbara. I hope you do find the time to complete this as it will undoubtedly be wonderful to see :)

    1. Thank you Fiona. There was certainly more to than I first thought, and I really do mean to finish it as soon as I can.
      Barbara xx

  4. Well done for being so adventurous - the effect is beautiful! I love those berries against the blue and look forward to seeing more of your little dormouse quilt in the future !

  5. Hi Barb. You have nailed what I think this group is all about. Trying something new without pressure to complete by a dead line. It's been a long time since I painted on fabric. Your little mouse dreaming of what he will eat is a cute idea that definitely is about one aspect of Nature.
    xx, Carol

  6. My goodness, if I was to join another group online, this one would be it. But I made an agreement with myself to ONLY finish the multiples of quilt tops that need more love before I start another new thing. Lovely ideas here.
    Thanks for popping in to my blog and saying hello!

  7. Good luck on your new project. It's a fantastic idea. I hope it turns out well!

  8. For your first foray into painting on fabric, you did a great job. Good luck with the finish.

  9. I apologize for commenting so late! Your painting is a lovely idea. I think of children who have no inhibition in trying something when they have never before done such. You took that attitude and you succeeded! I look forward to seeing your progress and will head to your blog.