Thursday, 1 February 2018

Nature Challenge

Everything about this challenge is new to me.  When the subject was selected, my mind kept trailing along the HUMAN NATURE path.  I had to pull it back a couple of times.

I knew I wanted to try something Landscape.  It's one of the things I want to accomplish this year, but with much better results than this project.  But practice makes perfect.  And I sure do need to enhance my "landscape" fabric stash.

The project is completely hand stitched.  The pieces were appliqued using the freezer paper technique.  There is some embroidery embellishments, but I didn't want this to look like a Crazy Quilt block.

If you would like to see more about what I was thinking when I stitched this piece, please visit my blog.  The link will take you to the home page.

I am excited to know what the next prompt will be!!


  1. I think it's strange how each of us conceives this idea.

    Landscape quilts: I thought they would be something I would truly enjoy, but after my first and only class I realized like you that they are heavily dependent on just the right fabric. I was glad for the experimentation, but decided it might not be my thing. Kudos to you for working entirely by hand, and taking it so far. I think of the big sand dunes along the lake when I see it.

  2. Thank you Julie. I was raised on Lake Michigan, so I have a memory of the dunes. You are so right about the fabric needed for landscape. Years ago Keepsake quilting used to offer a medley of fabrics suitable for landscapes and buildings. I keep checking the remnant bins when I am in a fabric shop. After this project, I have a better idea of what I should be collecting. We'll see what the next prompt conjures up!
    xx, Carol

  3. I love your creative use of fabrics and the lovely texture and details your hand-stitching has added. I can feel the glorious warmth of your landscape!

  4. I think you can never have a big enough stash for landscape quilts Carol :) You have really captured that landscape with the fabrics you have used though, I would love to step in to it and soak up some of that heat!

  5. This is a wonderful landscape. I love your fabric selection and placement and I think all the embroidery details really bring it to life. I shall certainly be visiting your blog later to learn more about this lovely quilt :)

  6. This made me think of the different strata of rocks underneath the landscape too. The hand stitching really adds a lovely natural element and is perfectly suited to your subject

  7. The stitchery adds an extra depth to the beautiful landscape you created with fabric. Love this.


  8. Really like how you have used your fabrics in this piece - every one works so well and the stitching is lovely!