Thursday, 1 February 2018


Well I must learn about scheduled posting so that these posts go out at the right time, still better late than never! It is great to be part of this group which promises to be inspirational and exciting!
I  love the theme as it is very broad and can be interpreted in many ways. I made a slightly ambiguous mini quilt which could also be interpreted in many ways. It could be the Sun, it could be a flower, or an anenome; such strange flower-like animals.
The background fabric was dyed using Procion dyes and the print was made from soft-cut lino. I used slightly thinned acrylic paint for the linocut and used a brush rather than a roller to have better control of the colours. It was then ironed with paper place on top to push the acrylic into the fabric.
This close up really shows how much variation there is in the printing.It also shows the variegated thread. I used two; a blue, purple and green one and one of different green hues. Looking at it now a little orange would have been good. Just lately I feel more and more drawn to orange, It was one of my favourite colours as a child and I loved to put it with purple!
The binding is ice-dyed Procion which gives a lovely mottled effect. I did slightly pad the centre to make it stand out more but it doesnt really show up in the photos
I am looking forward to the next intriging topic!


  1. You make me want to try new things! I love this - particularly the way that it is so open to different interpretations and it is so full of energy that however you read it you know that there's something very exciting going on!

  2. I love the way your quilt is open to many interpretations and I was very interested to read about your printing technique. The over all effect is stunning :)

  3. It’s very striking Kay! I’d love to try this method too! Must try this some time.
    I enjoyed reading how you made it. Btw you could have added orange, but I think it looks just right!
    Great finish!

  4. What a great interpretation of the theme, your quilt just explodes off the screen!

  5. Your dying and stitching is beautiful. Y our right, It's in the eye of the beholder as to what it could be.

  6. Beautiful. Made me think of an impressionist painting.


  7. So beautiful. I love that it is open to interpretation. At first glance I thought it was a sunflower :)
    I love your painting technique and the color variations.

  8. Seeing you had a chance to play with dyeing and surface design is reason enough for me to enjoy this piece. I, too, can see the different possibilities in it, but I'm pulled toward a star. Your stitching is wonderful, and I appreciate you pointing out the variegated thread.

  9. Fantastic - I loved reading about your process. I have a lino kit bought for a while an not used and it was fun to read how you created this piece and yes I see the sun and a flower in it. Great piece!