Wednesday 3 November 2021

New Theme Announcement

After another exciting reveal of such very different and wonderful quilts it's time to choose a new theme for the coming quarter.  And that is the very last theme in our bag! :


This quilt will be due 1 February



  1. It was another fantastic reveal. Apologies to everyone for my lateness in commenting. We had relations staying from Canada for the first time since before all the lockdowns and had lots of family things including planting a tree and placing my MIL's ashes yesterday. I will be visiting all your posts now :)

  2. Hard to believe we have come to the last of what seemed like a very long list of themes!

  3. Apologies for the late comments. We had a small holiday at the seaside on the Atlantic coast and then got a new Basset Hound puppy so its been a bit hectic but all good!