Friday, 1 May 2020

Rivulets and gems

Since I read a lot (over 80 books so far this year), I did not know what to do with this project. So I decided to use an excerpt from the book I have been writing and editing for several years. The title of  "The Ring of Time"and it is a fantasy. Maybe sometime in the next year or so, I will publish it on Kindle. Here is the quote:
When she emerged from the portal on the Marconalia side, she was in a very large cavern. Twenty feet in front of her was a rough rock wall covered with small rivulets of cascading waterfalls that disappeared into a riot of gems that reminded her of a garden. Light coming from the portal illuminated the walls. Walking ahead, she marveled at the beauty of the colors and shapes of sparkling gems. The light began to fade and she turned back to the portal in time to see the aperture shimmer before the light diminished again.
When I first decided on this passage, I thought about how to do the background. I wanted to make it craggy so I scrunched up the fabric, tied it and left it for several days.
 Then I unfolded it and pressed it onto some fusible interfacing.

When that was something like what I wanted, I sewed the creases so it looked like water streams falling down. Finally I sewed lots of beads in a haphazard arrangement.
Here it is: "Rivulets and Gems"


  1. Oh wow, rivulets and gems it really is! How beautiful. You've captured it perfectly. Thanks for sharing your method for crinkling the fabric - I really want to try that in a project now!

  2. I am intrigued by how you created those streams, it is very effective.

    1. Streams are just me sewing with 3 different shade of white around the fabric projections.

  3. I feel very honoured that you have shared part of your book with us and I love the way you have illustrated this scene. The scrunched fabric with the rivulets of water is a very clever effect and I love the sparkle of colour at the bottom :)

  4. I do hope you publish your writing, and let us know so we can read it! This is a lovely piece. I like the striking color of the rivulets against the background. I'd love to try that method of crinkling the fabric too!

  5. This is fabulous, Debbi! You could use this as an illustration in your book. Maybe make a few more based on other passages. That would be so cool. And, maybe enter this in your guild's quilt show?

  6. How wonderful to do a scene from your own book, and show another facet of your creativity! And yet this piece stands on its own. I would find it so soothing to look at in person; I am sure I would notice something different each time.

  7. ooooh I really like how it fits with your writing - the rivulets in the cavern are perfect and I can see sparkling lights in my minds eye. Lovely idea to marry two forms of your creativity.