Sunday, 3 May 2020

Like Water For Chocolate

Hello friends. I hope you are doing well in your corner of the world. The current situation is certainly upsetting and worrisome for all of us. I have continued to work despite the shelter in place orders as my job was declared essential. And on top of the increased working I’ve been making masks for all the employees in my company. So every free time I get at home has been spent sewing masks. I apologize for the late post. Here is a little collage of the quilt that wasn’t. 

I chose Like Water for Chocolate a novel by Laura Esquivel. It is a poignant love story of a young woman that is not allowed to marry the man she loves because of traditions. The story takes place in the 1900’s in the northern part of Mexico during the Mexican Revolution (a civil war). The food plays a very important role in this novel. And one of the most beautiful scenes is when the main character Tita receives a bouquet of roses from the man she loves but she is not allowed to keep them and her mother asks nee orders her to throw them away. Instead she makes Cornish hens in rose petals.
I love this novel because it reminds me of my mother.

Please stay safe




  1. Hi Martha! I hope someday when things calm down you will be inspired to make this quilt. I am sure everyone is grateful to receive a mask you have made. I just checked your blog and see it is renamed. It's very nice. And the quilt you made in January is very pretty, indeed. Wishing you peace and safety.

  2. Thank you for sharing your quilt inspiration and collage, Martha. That sounds like a very interesting book. Thank you, also, for being an essential worker and helping to make the world a bit safer for all the rest of us during this worrying time. I'm sure your colleagues are extremely appreciative of the masks you've made. I will think of you when we do our clapping for carers and key workers. Keep safe and well :)

  3. I do hope that when things settle into our new normal, you will be able to make this quilt. What pretty inspiration pieces! I've not read the book, although I have pondered it several times, so now I want to put it on my list to read. Thank you for your willingness to lay aside fun projects to work on masks to keep those around you safer.

  4. What a beautiful collection of pieces in your photograph - I really hope you will have time to make that quilt one day because I think it will be lovely! In the meantime your work and mask-making must be very much appreciated. Stay safe xxx

  5. You have some lovely ideas there for your quilt, and I hope one day you’ll be able to make it.
    Well done making the masks!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Barbara x

  6. Your ideas for the quilt is exciting. I loved the movie but never read the book.
    I know the people who are getting your masks are very appreciative. Keep safe.