Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Next Reveal, and The Endeavourers Welcome a New Member

The last couple of months have been very strange and difficult for many, but that was another fantastic reveal of wonderful, creative and imaginative quilts!

We're now onto the next quilt and this is the quarter where we work on something suggested by an inspiration piece our partner has sent us.  Under the current circumstances we agreed that sending something by email was also appropriate, so if your piece is stuck in transit on its way to your partner you may like to resort to this alternative. 

With the start of the quarter we have a new member, Barbara, who blogs at catpatches.blogspot.com  I've added Barbara's bio to our Who Are We? page, and I'm sure you will all join in welcoming her to the group!


Next Reveal Date: 1 August
A quilt prompted by an inspiration piece sent by a fellow member


  1. I have followed Barbara's blog for years she will be a great new member for the group! Welcome aboard :)

  2. Welcome, Barbara. It'll be great to have you with us :)

  3. Hi Barbara! Happy to meet you. Glad you have joined The Endeavourers!