Monday 1 May 2023


 I have always been intrigued and fascinated by the stars in the sky. Several times I have stayed up to see comet, a lunar eclipse, or just look at the sky. 

This is a representation of the constellations of the northern hemisphere. I did not put in other stars and many of these keep falling off. The names of most of the constellations were put in by machine. The Milky Way was made from organza.

Here are a couple close-ups.

Just thought I'd add that there are 441 crystals on the quilt (at this time)!


  1. What a great idea for a map, I commend your patience in attaching all of those crystals that was definitely a labour of love Debbi :)

  2. This is wonderful! I considered doing something similar. You did a great job with this. Barbara

  3. This is amazing! I hadn't thought of a map of the constellations - clever! 41 crystals! Wow!

  4. Thats a brilliant idea and I love the crystals for the stars, so effective.

  5. This is beautiful, and I am impressed by how you got all the proportions and placement so accurate! Making something like this would help me finally learn the constellations properly.

    1. I cheated - had a poster and used a lightbox:)

  6. This is incredible. It's fascinating to look at and so neatly executed. I love the crystals too :)