Tuesday 1 February 2022

Emotion: Fun


At first I just wanted to express an emotion, so I made a simple little quilt and maned it “Peaceful waves”.

Then I got to thinking more about it. Thought I could do something with mouths or eyes. I found a lot of drawings of emotional eyes.

So I drew several sets of eyes with a permanent marker on cloth, made them into shapes and attached those to a background. The background I had dyed several years ago and never knew what I wanted to do with it.

After I finished this quilt I revisited the first one and made a change. It is now called “Fun”.


  1. Your dolphin really lifts the waves quilt and I love all those eyes, what fun indeed!

  2. I love both these quilts. 'Fun' really captures both feelings of fun and peace - things we really need right now. The eyes are very thought provoking. I wonder what they're all thinking! :-)

  3. I love this, and I enjoyed your discussion of its evolution. I’ve done that before too. Start with an idea and then have it grow from there. Nicely done.

  4. Both of the quilts evoke feelings. The dolphin is playful and fun. The eyes are playful, but also intriguing, when you think of how expressive our eyes are (especially now when we are masked!). Nice finishes!

  5. I like both of them. I like how you put the eyes onto different shapes; that and the multicolored background make the piece very lively and fun to look at.

  6. They both make me smile. The waves and dolphin are so joyful and the silly faces make me laugh. We are weird creatures that react and emote sometimes reading too much into things and the cartoon nature of the expressions reminds me of this.

    1. Thanks, I used anime eyes do they would look more fun than serious.

  7. I smiled at both quilts too. The eyes are very clever to convey such a variety of emotions whilst keeping a humorous undertone and your dolphin quilt is really beautiful :)