Saturday, 1 August 2020

Largs Graffiti Moon on August 1st

How to Make an Inspired Quilt in Eight Easy Steps

1. Receive inspirational fabric scraps from the lovely Fiona. Discover from the note she sends that she lives in Largs, in Scotland. Further discover the scraps are Liberty of London lawn, Harris Tweed wool, and a length of lace that may or may not have been made by her grandmother around 1890. Resolve to make something worthy of said scraps and lace. Go have some wine.

2. Lay fabric on guest bed and stare at it a lot when the kitten isn't throwing it on the floor or carrying it off somewhere. Think to yourself that Liberty stuff reminds you of the groovy paintings of 60s-70s artist Peter Max. Google Peter Max and study his work.

3. On a whim, google Largs. Ponder the waterfront with the seawall, shops, church, and bay. Discover the graffiti capital of Largs aka Kelburn Castle. 

4. On another whim, google Scottish Artists. Discover the enchanting work of Ritchie Collins. 


5. Mull. Mull. Mull some more. Discover the Paul McCartney song Mull of Kintyre (featuring bagpipes) is on repeat in your brain. Bagpipes on repeat. That's just wonderful. Have more wine.

6. Lay out first, second, third iteration of the quilt. Think, "Eh..." Cover layout with cardboard anyway so kitten leaves it alone. Kitten doesn't leave it alone. On second night put a chair on top of the cardboard. Listen to kitten yell all night in frustrated protest. Decide against getting out of bed to have some wine.

7. Finally get a vision at 3 AM one night to graffiti the Largs waterfront! Lay out vision. Resolve to use every last piece of gifted scraps, along with added stuff from stash. Make quilt under close supervision of kitten. And...

8. Ta-dah! Present "Largs Graffiti Moon" on August 1st.


  1. Maureen I love your quilts so much! What splendid and clever use of the materials, and it's so atmospheric. Love the way you made the fish, and lace, and stars, and tweed on the dock, all work for you, and the way you pieced the water is inspired - it captures the movement and twinkle!

  2. Maureen, I love, love, love this! We live just along the Prom from that photo so I look at that view from my front window every day and now I shall look at it in a whole new light :) I heartily endorse your go have some more wine strategy too, you are a woman after my own heart!

  3. Fabulous piece. I loved reading your “process” too. Thank you for starting my morning off with a smile.

  4. The minute I saw the quilt in this post, I loved it. The dark sky, the houses! Then to read what you were given - oh my, wine indeed! Thank you for the fun post - had me giggling out loud. Well done - a beautiful quilt!

  5. It turned out great!. Loved the commentary.

  6. So beautiful!!! Love the use use of the scraps to create the cityscape so clever. Love your creative process

  7. I've just noticed the particular genius that is managing to make the quilting work as the divisions between the window panes! Amazing!

  8. Fabulous! I love the step by step - thanks for the smiles on a rainy day! Your piece is gorgeous. Great choice of fabrics and it works so well. I've never been to Largs but to Edinburgh and Glasgow a few times and this feels so right for Scotland to me with those beautiful deep blue tones.

  9. This is an amazing piece!
    I had Fiona as my person to send to, but never even thought of looking up her town! (It may be a good thing because I might have been very jealous.)
    The way you combined so many influences with the variety of scraps, and came up with a detailed, layered image! That is something I aspire to.

  10. I absolutely love this piece. Your patchwork sky creates so much sparkle and the water reflections are perfect. I also love the colourful houses. Everything is so cleverly and beautifully put together. I also really enjoyed reading your post and learning about the things that inspired you :)

  11. Maureen, I follow you on Instagram so had already seen a peek of your quilt, and used to join in with The Endeavourers.
    I agree with Fiona - I love love love this!
    How you interpreted all those scraps to come up with this quilt is brilliant!
    Loved the story and especially reading of your kitten’s participation. Brilliant post, such a lot of fun! And especially like the glass of wine to stimulate ideas!
    Barbara x