Saturday, 1 August 2020

If Life Gives You Lemons

Hello friends!

I hope you are doing well. This challenge was very fun to make. My parter was Catherine and she mentioned that the inspiration for my piece would be lemons 🍋. I often share photos of my garden and you know I live in California so lemons a featured often since they are so abundant.
When it came to decide how to create my piece I remember seeing this piece of fabric in my stash that featured lemons and the colors were so vibrant and happy. It was a very small piece of fabric and I don’t know the designer or anything about it. I recently inherited an abundant lot of fabric and scraps from a friend’s mom who was downsizing her sewing room because she was moving to a smaller house and closing down her handmade apron business. Thus all of the fabrics are so varied and interesting.
I made the offset flying geese to showcase the print and also trying to make do with the small amount of fabric I had. I really like the simplicity and the vibrancy of the colors. I think I’ll make a spot in my kitchen for it.
Yesterday I received in the mail a package from Catherine and it contained the most beautiful fabric from Liberty London and it has lemons on it. While I didn’t get to use the fabric she sent me for this piece I can’t wait to make something with it. It is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you Catherine .



  1. A perfect piece for this time. I love it. Great way to capture the theme.

  2. Great photos as always Martha, oh to live in a climate where lemons grow! I can definitely see that fabric made up into an apron :)

  3. Martha, it made me laugh that there are no actual lemons in the fabric you used. Citrus with a yellow binding. Close enough! LOL! It's full of cheer and will certainly add joy to your California kitchen. When life DOESN'T give you lemon fabric from Scotland, do your own riff! Rock on!

  4. Hi Martha, what a lovely cheerful piece, and I really love the title! For me, in Scotland, it is always so good seeing your beautiful photos in a completely different kind of garden and climate. I'm actually quite glad that the fabric I sent took so long to reach you, because I hope this way you can make something just for you! x

  5. That will be a lovely piece for the kitchen. Fun fabric and looks so juicy! I'm trying to imagine Liberty lemon fabric and my mind is happily doing cartwheels at the thought of it.

  6. Your stitching will be a beautiful decoration, ideal for the kitchen!
    How sweet of Catherine to send you the Liberty fabric. I look forward to seeing what you make with it!
    How lovely to be able to grow lemons!
    Barbara xx

  7. Oh, the colors of that fabric - so pretty, and perfect for the kitchen. That pretty yellow binding too! And how fun that you get to play with some Liberty fabric! Nice finish for your challenge quilt, Martha!

  8. This is a lovely piece - so bright and cheerful - and, like others, I'm envious of the lemons growing in your garden :)