Wednesday 1 May 2024


Harmony. I spent a lot of time thinking about this prompt. I looked up the definition, I thought about harmony in music and in nature. I asked hubs and friends what came to mind for harmony. Ideas popped into my head, but nothing really felt right. 

One day, I sent a text to two of my quilting friends asking if either of them would like this panel. For some reason, neither of them were interested (yes, I'm being snarky). 

As I sat and stared at this panel, a thought came to me: Can I take something out of harmony and put it back into harmony in a different way? Hmm. That might be fun to explore. 

There was cutting involved. A lot of cutting. Very fussy cutting. I took my time, and I used a few different sizes of scissors because some of the pieces were small and detailed. 

Once the cutting was done, I considered how to attach the new pieces onto the new background. I opted for a glue stick; it was not a good choice, but I made it work. I neglected to take photos of this process, but it was a sticky mess. 

Then came the quilting. I managed to find thread that matched quite well, which made me happy because I really wanted to hide the free motion quilting I was doing. It also made it difficult to photograph, so here are a few photos. Hopefully you can see a little bit of the detail. 

And here's Harmony, in a new way. Except for the background and face, all the parts are from the panel. 

This finished quilt measures 20" x 24". The background fabric is from a Tula Pink line, and to quilt the background, I randomly followed the swirls here and there, using a light blue thread. 

This was definitely not what I thought I would end up with for the Harmony challenge, but I sure had fun! 



  1. I like how you came up with bringing harmony out of disharmony. Free motion quilting definitely puts me in the zone, even if my results are not as wonderful as I would like, but I don't think I would have felt any sense of harmony in that fussy cutting! This is a nice take on the challenge!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the fussy cutting was a bit tedious, and not nearly as much fun as I enjoyed cutting things up when I was a kid - LOL.

  2. This is a very clever and unexpected idea and I love the way you have made a completely new piece from that panel. All the details are incredible :)

  3. Thanks, Janine. It was definitely unexpected. I had planned to donate that panel until that little pondering got inside my head!

  4. I loved reading your thought and process behind this and you have created a really interesting piece. Exploring disharmony/dissonance might be a fun thing to do. -Ruth

  5. Very nice use of the panel. I love the background you put it on.