Thursday 1 February 2024

Patterns in Nature: Freckled Frog

This was a fun prompt. My quilt was inspired by the Northern Leopard Frogs we encountered while hiking in Fort Ransom State Park in North Dakota. This is my original photograph. You can see more pictures from our hike at that link I've given you.

Using the photograph, I went to work rendering him into fabric. These are time-consuming, and they can be frustrating. This one actually went together more easily than anticipated. When he was finished, he looked like this. 

Then, I created a background for it. 

From there, I peeled him up off the teflon pressing sheet and fused him to the background.

Then it was ready for quilting and binding. First, I went to work thread-painting and stitching down the edges of the frog.

That was done just through the quilt batting and prior to adding the back.

When it was finished, it looked like this:

Searching through my stash, I didn't have a fabric I liked for the back. I went searching online and found the perfect back for the frog. The rest of the quilting was done after the back was added.

And then I went to work quilting a place for the frog to live...and some friends to have over for dinner.

This is my rendering of a dragonfly.

Also, he wanted some lilypads and cattails in his pond.

On both sides, if you don't mind.

When the quilting was finished, I found this binding in my leftover binding scrap bag.

The quilt was actually all finished and hanging on the wall. Every time I entered the sewing room, I felt as if it needed something else on the right side. And so I carefully fused this rising sun (or setting sun...not really sure), and quilted in a few rays.

And then I could call it finished. 

I hope you like my quilt. It finishes up at 17 x 22 inches. 


  1. This is fantastic! The fabrics for the frog are spot on, as well as the rest of the fabrics. I'm sure it's delightful to see it when you enter the room!

    1. Thank you, Wendy. I felt very lucky to find that fabric.

  2. Your frog is just wonderful! I agree with Wendy - the fabrics are perfect, and it's so skillfully done. I like the way you've added quilted detail too.

  3. This is beautiful Barbara, all of the fabrics you selected are just perfect I particularly like the watery background fabrics but the frog is pretty special too!

    1. Thank you, Fiona. Hubby helped me choose that background fabric. He has a good eye.

  4. Great frog. It's wonderful that you got the back of the same frog. Love the quilting, too.

    1. Thank you. Finding that backing fabric was quite a surprise. We don't have these kinds of frogs where I live, but apparently they are plentiful in other places. I had quite a bit of that fabric leftover, and I used it to make a Quilts for Kids donation quilt.

  5. This is stunning. I think your frog is amazing and I love all the quilted details. I also really like the sun. It finishes it off beautifully :)