Saturday 1 May 2021

Color Theory: Page Turner


Page Turner
14" x 21"

When I was in junior college, as they called it way back then, we had an assignment to do something with colored paper. I wish I had kept my project because it looked something like this quilt. That project is what gave me the idea for this one. Instead of straight lines for the pages, I curved them to look more like pages turning. 

to enhance the effect of pages turning, I colored some of the edges with colored pencils. It is a very subtle effect.

And to hide the center line, that did not exactly match, I made a book mark with ribbon and beads.

Since this challenge is about color theory, I chose to show complimentary colors (orange and blue) with tints of those colors.

Just to be obnoxious: I also made this quilt a couple months ago, quilted it in March. It is also complimentary colors (turquoise and red-orange.). It is paper pieced on a triangle log cabin pattern that I drew from pictures of similar quilts. Quilting is all feathered in a matching thread.
Bird of Paradise
26 1/2 " x 26 1/2"


  1. Ooh, well done making two quilts! :-). Your piecing is amazing work and I love how you've used it to illustrate the relationship between these colours.

  2. Gorgeous - love all the eye candy and the layering in your blue and orange is so effective. This is one of my favourite compliments - so much more pleasing than some of the other combos.

  3. Debbi, I am always amazed at your ability to draw. Curving the pages adds a lovely movement to the quilt, and what a whimsical addition of the bookmark. And now that I look again, the fluttering pages remind me of a bird taking flight. Like your Bird of Paradise shape shifted into a book!

  4. Beautiful. I agree with Maureen. Anyone who can draw has my admiration.

  5. This is a stunning a pair of quilts. As others have said, your drawing and piecing is brilliant. Your book has a beautiful almost ombre effect and your Bird of Paradise is exquisite snd jewel like. It's very interesting to see these colours in the different settings :)

  6. Two wonderful quilts Debbi, I can almost feel those pages fluttering open :)