Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Log Cabin Improv

I made a log cabin table topper (or it could be a wallhanging) for this quarter's challenge.
I am left-brained in construction, so I did have to have some boundaries.
I chose the block and colors through random selection. You can read more about that on my BLOG.

This is my finished project. It measures 17.5" x 18.5". On my blog, I mentioned how this was a learning experience for me. It could have been truly MORE improv if I had made the outer border randome blue and orange, or if the log cabin strips had been placed without consideration of the rule: 2 sides dark, 2 sides light.

I will try something like this again. Perhaps I will use some other block choice from my list. 


  1. I love it Nancy it is such a happy quilt in a slightly giddy way :) This makes me think of windmills whirling away on a windy day.

  2. This is amazing, Nancy. It has such a sense of movement and a sort of 3D effect. I think your balance between improv/random selection and boundaries is perfect :)

  3. Great piece. As I look at it somehow I have the feel of one of those pictures where you look down a hall and see door after door in kind of a shadow effect. Love your color choice too. It's one of my favorites.
    xx, Carol

  4. Really beautiful Nancy! Log Cabin blocks are my favorite but I’ve never tried improv. So in love with your version

  5. What a great colourful piece - a bit of sunshine to have on your wall!

  6. Love the colour choice and looks like a fun piece to make.