Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The Endeavourers ‘Change/Transformation'

I am late posting this morning. Couldn’t find my camera. Found camera. Took one photo and the battery gave up. Got more batteries. Camera comes on and goes off again. Found rechargeables that I charged a couple of weeks ago. Put in camera. They are flat. Is charger broken? Use tablet instead. Save photos. Can’t find them. Add to ‘creation’ new folder. Can’t find them. Go back and ‘save as’. I found them!!!!!
TE Spring fish 1
Too late to remove random bits of fluff from these not very good photos of my interpretation of Change/Transformation
The ocean changes according to the weather on the surface but below the surface there is greater change in its inhabitants. The scary looking deep sea fish fascinated me as a child and still do.
TE Spring fish 6
I had been looking at them recently and it struck me how much fish change according to the depth of the region in which they live. Of course they vary depending on the region of the ocean and the temperature but not in such an extreme way as depth.
TE Spring fish 5
They were all created by decolourising with bleach. It’s interesting to see how differently the blues decolour as they are made up of different dyes.
A little tidying up was done with a permanent blue marker and a little white inktense pencil was added to the white areas on the two deep sea fish.
Lines of zig-zag and straight stitch add a little movement to the scene, with more lines on the upper layers to contrast with the more sluggish currents in the deep. Lighter blue thread changes to darker blues until it finishes with black thread. The last piece of fabric is actually darker than it appears in the photo.
I particularly like the way the dyes decoloured differently adding to the texture of the fish fins in this fish and the one below it
TE Spring fish 3
So my interpretation is not very philosophical although the subject could easily have been deep and meaningful. The only deep thing here is the sea!


  1. Kay this is stunning! Everything about it from stitching to the choice of fabrics adds to the feeling of watery depths, getting further and further from the sun.

  2. This is such a clever idea and beautifully done :)

  3. Wow! The technique of de-colorizing handled the theme perfectly. Glad you were able to get the photos to show us.

  4. What a fabulous quilt, so glad that you were able to upload those photos. It would have been a real shame to miss this!
    A really interesting interpretation of the theme too, despite Man's many attempts the oceans are still a place of mystery.

  5. Love this! Really interesting effect and a fun take on the theme too.

  6. I love the different patterns on the fish, and the different stitching lines. And yet with all the variety, the piece is unified too, a design objective that always intrigues me.
    I will have to try de-colorant too!

  7. I would have probably throw everything out the door and been sorry an hour latter. Glad you did not do that. Intriguing quilt, beautiful work. Amazing how precise your method can be. Would this be considered the opposite of a resist piece?

  8. Sorry to be late commenting, Kay!
    This is a very interesting interpretation of Changes. Perfect fabric choices and lovely quilting! Love the story behind it too! As I’m curious now to know how to use this method ..... off to see if I can find out “how to” on google.
    Glad you were able to upload your photos, we all get those problems!
    Barbara xx