Tuesday, 1 May 2018

# 2 Transformation/Change - "Cycles"

I enjoyed thinking about this quarter's theme, Change/Transformation, very much!  My quilt is about cyclical change - neither positive nor negative but part of the flow of life and I chose to represent this as the seasons passing in the life of a tree.

As the seasons pass the sun moves across the sky and sinks lower in the horizon.  The leaves on the trees change colour and finally fall and blow away, turning into birds who fly away in the winter, only to return again in the spring and begin the cycle of change again.

Shot cotton, silk
Curved piecing with dense quilting
Fused and hand-sewn turned applique
Hand and machine embroidery
17 x 22.5 inches

You can read more about my quilt here


  1. Love it Catherine, it is such an expressive quilt.

  2. Very pretty - love the feeling the background behind the trees gives to the piece and the colour tones are lovely!

  3. I love this quilt, Catherine. The shapes and colours and overall design are beautiful and I feel it expresses the balance of change and continuity perfectly. I very much admire the way you manage to create a minimal effect whilst encompassing everything to be said. Very eloquently and stylishly done :)

  4. Such a pretty quilt, Catherine, and succinctly described!
    I love it!
    Barbara xx

  5. A lovely landscape; the colours are very appealing

  6. This is spectacular. Its meaning is right there. The techniques were skillfully executed. I think the trees are my favorites. Very impressive.