Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Life Is A Continuing Cycle - Change/Transformation

It seems that I start out with generic ideas when think about how to depict the theme for this group.  I started out with a good one.  But I procrastinated starting after I figured out the design and fabric to use.  A second one came to mind then flitted away.

Sometimes the direction my life takes is determined by events that happen in the family.  This piece was designed after one of those events.  You can read what is behind this design if you visit this post on my blog.

Basically I believe that life is really a spiral.  When we complete one round of the spiral we just continue on, sliding to the next level, learning whatever the Universe is waiting to show us.  Sometimes we don't learn very well and are given a Do Over on some future round. But each round transforms us.  Sometimes the transformation is noticeable, sometimes it's just an ort, but there is always transformation.

I applied the bird and arrows using the Freezer Paper Applique Method.  It's the first time I have done it.  I need more practice, but I am sure that I will be using this method again.  The pieces are hand stitched to the background.


  1. What an intriguing premise for a quilt Carol, it has turned out beautifully.

  2. This is wonderful - it's such a striking image! I love your bird breaking free and soaring away from the Blah :-)

  3. The fire fabric is great and I really get the feeling of the weight of the blah blah pulling against the bird finally breaking free. Enjoyed this take on the theme very much!

  4. Your fabrics are perfectly chosen and this is a very compelling image. I feel it has a depth of meaning, which would readily relate to many situations. I will visit you to learn more about it. I also like your view of life as a spiral. I think I often get given 'Do Overs' because I try to get places in a straight line when really time and experience are necessary :)

  5. You used those bold, expressive fabrics well. I think I tend to stay with the pretty and predictable ones, but you have demonstrated that sometimes the bold ones are needed to make the point! :)

  6. Your quilt is very striking, Carol! A great analogy between your life events and the quilt.
    Nice appliqué! I tend to gather the edges of my appliqué pieces around a template, press, then remove the template, press again and carefully stitch in place .... sometimes works well, but maybe a bit longwinded!
    Barbara xx