Monday 1 August 2022

Good Hair Day

 My project for this quarter's Challenge - Animal Kingdom, was inspired by our younger grandson and his love for these magnificent creatures.

He has several books that feature a Highland Cow who shares his name, which are frequent requests for his bedtime story. So, when it came to deciding upon a project a Highland Cow was the obvious choice!

Let me introduce you to Hairy, the Highland Cow :) 

I had notions of all sorts of fancy applique for my handsome, hairy creature but in the end went for simple applique. 

Two black buttons for the eyes are just peeking out from behind that rather unruly head of faux suede hair. I chose the faux suede because I thought that it would not fray, but it seems to be shredding in places along the cut edges, so I might have to revisit that at some stage. 

I was delighted to come across the spiky, thistle fabric in my stash (an Anna Marie Horner impulse buy many moons ago!) as it is the perfect background for a Highlander, don't you think? 

A pillowcase backing and we are all set for bedtime reading when our grandsons visit next week! 

Looking forward to seeing how the rest of my fellow Endeavourers have responded to this quarter's challenge, I will, no doubt, be amazed and inspired as always :)


  1. He is wonderful! Both your photo and cushion made me smile and your post has brightened my morning. I expect your grandsons will be equally happy to see him :)

  2. I'm sure your grandsons will be delighted! You've really captured the shagginess of him and he looks very benign. I hope you all have a lovely time together! :-)

  3. This is so fun, and I'm sure your grandsons will enjoy it! Don't you love it when those fabrics we've had for years come into play? Perfect for your pillow!

  4. Your grandsons are going to love this, and I agree with Wendy. It’s great when you can use those long-time stash residents. Great idea, and great job. I’m signing off as Barbara, since I don’t seem to be able to identify myself any other way.

  5. So cute! It's interesting that a lot of us added 3 D elements. I love Highland Cows!

  6. It's a Haddy Coo! Adorable