Sunday, 1 November 2020



What a fun theme this was. Although. I do feel a bit guilty with the simplicity of the piece. I’m always at awe at the details that you add to your pieces. 

With this piece I wanted to create shoreline and be a bits abstract. I wanted to dye the fabric to create the ocean. But I found this forgotten piece of screen printed canvas that perfectly matched all that I had envisioned. 

You can see a few more photos and details on my blog .

Can’t wait to see your creations and be inspired 




  1. I'd like to wiggle my toes in those cool looking waves. It's a very calming piece.

  2. I agree! You don't need to feel guilty about the simplicity - sometimes simple is the right way to go! I think you've used your found piece of fabric perfectly and turned it into a lovely image. I could imagine walking along that beach, following the curve of the wave, and occasionally dipping my toes in. It doesn't need any more :-)

  3. Simple lets the essence shine through. I like it!

  4. You admire the addition of details; I admire how you hone a theme down to its essence! It makes for such a great balance of images among our group responses. :)

  5. So pretty and captures that motion of waves really well.