Thursday 1 November 2018


'Improv' means, roughly making something using the material to hand (literally when it comes to patchwork.) But the thing about improv is that it's not really random - there's always some kind of structure.  For example in improv jazz there's an underlying chord sequence, and in improv comedy, or poetry, it makes sense (usually).

So there are generally some kind of constraints.  In quilt-making you can choose to put your own constraints on the process by choosing a limited pallet of colours for example but there other practical constraints too - like where to put seams!

I found this a fun challenge - I thought that it would be a good excuse not to overthink things, but I was wrong!

Here is my quilt, inspired by the jumble of textures in the garden where I work.  You can read more about it on my blog


  1. This looks great, Catherine. I will visit you blog to find out more :)

  2. It is gorgeous Catherine. Love, love the color palette.

  3. I like this a lot Catherine, the muted colour palette is beautiful.

  4. Your colors are truly restful and cozy. It makes me feel like cuddling up to it. A lovely finish.

  5. I like this piece Catherine. It is s implicitly lovely. The muted colors, patched fabrics and simple quilting are perfect.
    xx, Carol

  6. What I find funny is the amount of thinking that goes into improv - constant decision making about shape, pattern and colour. There is a lovely feel to this piece and the more I look at it the more i really like it!