Friday, 1 February 2019


Ain't nobody here but us chickens

Actually it's a cock because they have the nost flamboyant plumage. I love the quills that overlay the feathers creating extra texture in the plumage

I have chickens so I should have chosen one of them!

I used some felting to do the comb amd wattle but I kept catching it in the presser foot. I added it before quilting thinking it would be easier to attach to a single layer of fabric but I think I should have on last

The quills were made from thin strips of dyed t-shirting which was then pulled to make thin curly strips

I echo quilted around him

The lower part is shibori, indigo dyed fabric which looks like feathers. different coloured threads - mostly variegated - were used to echo and accentuate the outlines

This is quite small so I may revisit this topic on a larger scale as I like the subject matter and the greater use of texture than I would normally do

PS ignore the Brit in Brisbane! I can't sign out and post as which is the blog I use now!


  1. I love this so much! You've captured all that chicken character with your adventurous use of different fabrics and techniques. I can see why you'd want to carry on exploring this one!

  2. This is really a fun quilt. I love the colors and the shibori dye effect. He looks like he is king of the barnyard.

  3. I think he is fabulous! It's incredible to me that such a striking and characterful, not to mention realistic, cock could be created from things like strings of t-shirts! I think this is a very clever and beautifully executed use of textural fabric elements :)

  4. Can I say, "Cock-doodle-do" to this wonderful art quilt. I like the variety of materials you used to gain the texture of the feathers. I do hope to see a larger version which might even include his feet!

  5. Oh Love this so much. The feather detail is so striking. Absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, I love making birds, I have only done a couple but I think I will carry on with them

  6. This is so bright and cheerful, it captures the confidence roosters exude!
    And thank you for sharing that detail of how you did his plumage with t-shirt fabric, that is genius!

  7. Thank you - it is a bit fiddly to work with but worth it as I'm not sure what else to use

  8. Really like your piece and the texture the different materials create. I lived next door to a small farm for a few months when I worked in Germany and they had a cockeral who cocka doodle do'd all day. I am instantly reminded of that when I look at your piece!

  9. Those bright colors are great, especially the shibori. The quills from t-shirt fabric is something I never would've thought of. This is a really fun piece. I can see why you might want to make a larger one.