Thursday, 24 January 2019

Texture Challenge Progress! And New Member, Yes!

This is the 'canvas', hand quilted diagonally.

Stitches and embellishments have been added and still more to come.

Here's my intro;

Hi, I'm Janie and art, color, sewing and fabric have always drawn me in. I enjoy learning and teaching different techniques. I think a good teacher learns more than her students. is where I blog and share color/quilt ideas and process.
Why did I name my blog Crazyvictoriana? That's easy, I was very much enjoying crazy quilting at the time and the Victorian era was so rich in textiles and amazing handwork, the two just go together as far as I'm concerned.
I live with family on the West Coast, the Pacific Ocean is a big inspiration for me.
I'm looking forward to participating in some of the Endeavorers' challenges, thank you for
letting me be part of it.

And this is my progress on the texture challenge. For me embroidery is a good way to show texture, so that's what's happening here. Now my stitch hand is really unhappy and I need to slow down. I used Robert Kaufman 'Essex' for linen texture and some smooth Kona cotton solids in snow and ice peach in the squares of the 'canvas'.

I'm looking forward to seeing your projects.


  1. Good job, Janie. The subtle colors you used really let the texture of the stitching and the additions shine. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Welcome top the Endeavourers, Janie. I love your progress photos and I can't wait to see this finished on Feb 1st :)

  3. Nice to meet you, Janie. Looks like you have a great start on your art piece.

  4. Welcome and good to see such lovely work and hand stitching too

  5. Lovely, I really like the feel of it and am loving he orange. Hope the hand recovers quickly!